First Place 2021

Florine Demosthene

Black womanhood is a dynamic archive of knowledge, formed of flesh, spirit and memory. In my practice, I explore black femininity against the backdrop of my own biography. Using a mixture of mylar, ink, pigment and glitter, I depict voluptuous, curvaceous bodies that simultaneously appear weightless-floating, as if viewed from below, transcending some higher plane. These otherworldly women hover over a nebulous world, in which they have the power to divine the future, move across time or heal. In deconstructing images and then building them back up, I reimagine a new kind of mythology around the black female heroine.

Second Place 2021

Yin Ming Wong

I paint ping pong, thinking about the game play of the sport as an analogy for the Asian American narrative of traversing between two cultures. I consider the impact of growing up with conflicting values and traditions and reflect on how the constant shifting in emotions and deliberations that come with hybrid identities can be comparable to the swift rallying nature of ping pong. Overall, my work focuses on nostalgia, displacement, and the shortcomings of language, presented through her personal narrative on the experience of being raised with Chinese culture and socialized in American culture.

Honerable Mentions

Ryan Hawk

Bonnie Mae Carrow

Whitney Lorenze